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Matt Redman - Thank You For Healing Me lyrics

The disease of my soul was spreading,

Eating me up on the inside,

Keeping my heart from your new life.

And I see now where I was headed

For there is no cure that can save us,

Outside of Your mercy Lord Jesus.

Yes, You stepped in with Your power to save,

Let forgiveness reign,

Worked a miracle within.

Thank you for healing me;

I was dying beneath my shame

But You brought me to life again, and I will sing:
Matt Redman - Thank You For Healing Me -
Thank you for freeing me

I was dead to the truth of You,

But my healing was in Your wounds, and now I sing:

Thank you for healing me.

Though outwardly I may waste away,

On the inside I?ll be more alive every day.

As I walk through times of pain and grief

There?s a deeper truth inside of me...

You have placed Your life inside of me.

I?m alive, I?m alive.

I?m alive, I?m alive in You.

Thankyou for healing me.

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