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Miranda Lambert - Witchita Falls lyrics

Alone in a booth, in the Pioneer Cafe

I'm strung out from the road, a pillow in my hands

I sip the last straw from a cold cup of coffee

and try to sort out my feelings as good as I can

Two hours behind me theres a boy back in dallas

my phone will be ringing his afternoon call

but he'll get no answer, the queens left her palace

shes alone in a cafe in Witchita Falls

back out on the highway towards Oklahoma

I'm driving and crying and hating it all

this old chevroley is raising the sunset

and taking me further from Witchita FallsMiranda Lambert - Witchita Falls - http://motolyrics.com/miranda-lambert/witchita-falls-lyrics.html

I dont know where I'm going I have no direction

and all i can say is I've made up my mind

I just want to travel a long way from heartache

wherever it takes me I'll leave it behind

I guess that he thought i would stay there forever

living my life with my back to the wall

well maybe the waitress will send him that letter

I left on the table in Witchita Falls

I'm going somewhere other than Texas

a long way from Dallas in Witchita Falls

I'm taking the highway yeah I'm going somewhere

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