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  • Matthiesen
  • Kai / Rennalls
  • Delroy / Gaffrey
  • Rainer
  • 90s
  • Pop
  • dance
  • disco
  • eurodance
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Mr. President - Coco Jambo lyrics

Make it 4 on the floor -
And the dance will be alrigt
Make it 4 on the floor -
So tight
Boredom is way outta sight
Make it 4 on the floor

Verse 1:
Everyday I feel so forlorn
I cant wait
'Til the night has come
When the stars are high above
I look at the moon
'Cos I believe
Yes I believe in what I feel
Just when I see the people
Dancing round and round


Verse t know if Ill get the chance
To get to know why I have to dance
And the music makes me do things
I wouldnt doMr. President - Coco Jambo -
Then I receive
Yes I receive a dizzy feel
Im inclined to get on off
And hit the floor

I need a chance
As we dance
We together on the floor
Move closer I need more
Swing your body
Let me feel your heat
Well romance to the rhythm
And the beat
Just the two of us who needs more
One two three four on the floor

Deep in the night
When the stars are high above
I feel the emotions of the people
Living for the dance
Thats why the DJs
Gotta make ist 4 on the floor


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