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Nadine Coyle - You Are The One lyrics

First boy i was with for 6 years
We had a lot of good times and a lot of tears
'til he asked me to be his forever
and i said we can't be together
second time i made sure he was a playboy
'cause all i wanted was a handsome man toy
but when he tried to lock me down
it was time for me to leave town
just when i thought love was overdone
i found you and was overcome

who would've known?
now i can't be without you
look how we've grown
there's no doubt about you
i don't even have to play it cool
i can be who i am in front of you
and if i need to run
you know where to find me
Nadine Coyle - You Are The One -
'cause you are the one
i'll always come back to you, you see
yeah, you are the one, you are the one for me.

just when i was perfectly happy
they started saying how we're so lucky
that's when it all started to change
a few weeks and a

maybe its my time to go
but you know me better than that
even if i don't want it i'll be back

When i feel like leaving
you make me believe again
when i feel like giving up
you say "oh baby stay"
i give you all the space you need
if you want me i'll set you free
'cause i know you'll come back to me.

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