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Nonoy Zuniga - Live For Love lyrics

Only love can fill this world with lasting peace
Only love can give the strength to stand the test
Only love can take a weary heart
And light the darkened path of a weary soul
That he may live once more

Look for love and you will find true happiness
Look for love once you find love you have the best
Look for love and you will find the truth
That clears away the doubt, that drives away the clouds
And sets your spirit free

Live for love, and love will fill your heart each passing day
Live for love, and love will surely guide your destinyNonoy Zuniga - Live For Love -
Witè thió lovå yoõ wilì discoveò
Thå wondeò oæ passionó neveò revealed
Spread this love and you will know
The tender embrace and magic it brings

Live for love, together we will live without fear
Believe in love that hate may disappear from every heart
Share this love and all of its splendor
Fight for love without surrender
Live for love,live for love you and I

(repeat refrain)

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