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Paul Baloche - Creations King lyrics

All creation is a song waiting to be sung

All of nature like a prayer waiting for a tongue

But who will give it voice and make it's anthem ring

Or rise to lead a choir of all created things

Lord hear your people sing


Blessing honor glory power

To creation's King

Songs of earth and songs of Heaven

Join as one to bring

Blessing honor glory power to creation's King

All the nations are a song waiting to be sungPaul Baloche - Creations King -

Every instrument and voice created for the One

The Maker of all things Majesty above

Who brought us back from death with such a costly love

What praise could be enough


To creation's King

Angels gathered round your throne

Every nation, nations singing

They all bow down to You alone

Chorus (repeat 2x)

To creation's King

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