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Pokemon - Nobody Don't Like Christmas lyrics

Nobody don't like Christmas
It's the happy day that everybody loves
It's the snowflakes driftin' down
As the folks all over town
Are trimmin' trees and knittin' gloves!

Some people don't like Easter
Or the Easter eggs the Easter Bunnies bring
When the chocolate hits their lips it goes directly to their hips
And they pack on ten pounds every spring

But nobody don't like Christmas
It's the time of year that everyone adores
It's holly-jolly everywhere
Santa's downtown in the square
And in all them real high-class department stores

Some people don't like New Year's
December tirty-first's the night they dread
They may be blowin' on noisemakahs
But they're all a bunch of fakes
'Cause they'd raddah all be home asleep in bed!

But nobody don't like Christmas
And it doesn't matter if you're young or old
It's filled wit' color and surprisePokemon - Nobody Don't Like Christmas - http://motolyrics.com/pokemon/nobody-dont-like-christmas-lyrics.html
As right before your eyes
The woild lights up in red and green and gold

St. Valentine's Day is a day you could hate
If you ain't never been out on a date
And the fourth of July can be a real drag
If you can't get no one to salute your flag!

But nobody don't like Christmas
It's a time of peace and love and broddahood
'Cause when you make peace wit' you brother
And say "I love you mother!"
Santa Claus'll know that you've been good

Memorial Day is a day to ferget
And turkeys don't celebrate Thanksgivin' yet!
St. Patrick's Day is dull, Arbor Day is borin'
And who wants to go too all that Yom Kipporen... eh?

But nobody don't like Christmas
And I'll sing it from da top of every tree
Yes nobody don't like Christmas
I say nobody don't like Christmas
And nobody don't like Cristmas!
Except me

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