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  • Charles Underwood
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Porter Wagoner - Legend Of The Big Steeple lyrics

(Charles Underwood)

There's a legend about a church in our town
The steeple so high seen for miles around
Look on the hill and you'll realize
The steeple's too big for the churches size.

It seemes it was a long time ago
When this church had no steeple
Just four walls and the roof overhead
Sheltered the humble people.

But the money was short cause the times were bad
They had to get along on what they had
Just good simple people praying for a steeple.

About this time when spring was near
A man of weath and his sweetheart dear
Made their plans for the bells to ring
They would wed on the first of spring.

So this man of wealth and his true love dear
Named the wedding hours
They would wed in the little church
The one that had no towers.

But he was the kind and generous manPorter Wagoner - Legend Of The Big Steeple - http://motolyrics.com/porter-wagoner/legend-of-the-big-steeple-lyrics.html
He told his true love of his plan
How to build a steeple for these good people.

Yes, they'll have their steeple
The bells there will ring
They'll ring for our wedding
On the first day of spring.

But they say death comes like a thief
And soon his heart was filled with grief
One week before the wedding day
He learned his love had passed away.

Inspite of his grief and broken heart
He kept the promise given
I'll build the steeple so my love
Can hear the bells in heaven.

And then he built the steeple there
The tallest one in all the land
That's how the people got their steeple.

Well, that is the reason
The steeple lives so high
And why the bells ring louder
When springtime is neigh...

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