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Porter Wagoner - Pastor's Absent On Vacation lyrics

The old man went to meeting for the day was bright and fair Though his limbs were tottering and it was hard to travel there
But he hungered for the gospel so he trudged the weary wayOn the road so rough and dusty neath the summer suns burning day
Bye and bye he reached the building to his soul a holy placeAnd he paused for a moment and wiped the sweat from his thin wrinkled face
But the old man looked around bewildered for the old bell didn't tollAnd the doors were shut and bolted and he didn't see a soul
But he saw a little notice tacked up on the meeting door So he limped along to read it o'r and o'r
Then he wiped his dusty glasses and he read it o'r againTill his legs began to tremble and his eyes began to painPorter Wagoner - Pastor's Absent On Vacation - http://motolyrics.com/porter-wagoner/pastors-absent-on-vacation-lyrics.html
As the old man read the notice how it made his spirit burnPastor on vacation church closed till his return.
And the old man said would the farmer leave hiss cattleOr the shepherd leave his sheep, why who would give the care and shelter
And provide them food to eat. Do the markets close there doors just to get a little rest.
Why it would be the height of nonsense for their trade would be distress.
Did you ever know it happen or hear any body tell Satan takin a vacation shutting up the doors of he'll. So it strikes me very singular that a man with holy hands, thinks he needs a vacation, and forsakes his tender lambs
Aw, tell me when I reach that city over on the other shore would I find a little notice tacked up on the golden door telling me mid dreadful silence written words that cut and burn Jesus absent on vacation heaven closed till his return .

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