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Porter Wagoner - Waldo The Weirdo lyrics

(Porter Wagoner)

He lived six miles south of Brandsville in a little ole shack
On the banks of the river Big Mole
A strange man he was always seen alone
Folks called him Waldo the Weirdo.

He'd walk to Brandsville every day and just sit and watch the people go by
And the clothes that he wore he made for himself
From his shoes to his coat and his tie
Each evenin' you could see 'im when the sun got low a walkin' toward home
Lookin' west at all the beauty in the sky Waldo the Weirdo.

Two days passed and no one'd seen him in town
Then one of the merchants said we'd better go down
To Waldo's place and have a look around
They found him asleep in his shack but his body was cold and still
And in the pocket of the coat that he'd made for himself
A sealed envelope contained Waldo's will.

Since he had no family they announced
That the following Saturday at the Brandsville courthousePorter Wagoner - Waldo The Weirdo - http://motolyrics.com/porter-wagoner/waldo-the-weirdo-lyrics.html
Would be the reading of the will
Folks came from several miles to be there
And completely filled the courthouse and even filled the courthouse square
Most were thinkin' that maybe Waldo had left a lotta hidden money
And that it would be devided.

They wanted to be sure to not miss out on their share
Then the judge addressed the crowd and said ladies and gentlemen
This'll be a surprise to some prob'ly even shocking to a few
But Waldo was the richest man to live around here
And he left a part of his great will to each one of you
Now the reading of the will.

My soul I will to the Master, my breath I will to new life
And all the happiness that I've known I will to the sad ones at heart
That suffer from sickness and strife
My knowledge I will to the minds that can't learn each day
And all of the beauty I've seen I will to
Those that don't see God when they pray
I have no earthly possessions. I gathered no silver or gold
I just gathered the beauty of life that God gave me
Signed Waldo the Weirdo...

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