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Satariel - The Claim lyrics

Invited was the moon to shine upon this rottenness
As the lords of the soil made ways for the chambers of flesh
I beheld with wonder the descending of life
And dreamed of how to kill the world

If you don't want me, if you won't crown me king
When you expel me, when you starve me
As you resent me, as you keep me from what's mine
I swear I will not rest until I've thrashed all that for you is dear

I claim the world
I claim the world

[Repeat verse 1]

Know me as Horus and feel my love
Don't bend my ways, a fierce beast I'ld turn Satariel - The Claim -
You are mine, but I'm not yours
I'll murder you if that's what it takes to make you settle for my law

[Repeat verse 2]


I O H!
Such is the order
Centuries to pass until Thaimst will come
Thus hear now Ra-Hoor-Khuit
The others fall for my plagues of judgement
I O H!
And the Tau there ahead
I O H!
For a universe cursed
So be it
So be it...

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