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  • ear candy
  • electro gothic
  • favs
  • intense build up
  • melancholic
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Scarling - Make You Believe lyrics

I.. know all your secrets, and I.. have non left to tell
when I.. split into fregcens
Cause I.. I never stary well..
But I have no one left to tell

Burn your trick..
Make you believe in god
Make you believe in ghosts
Make you believe in me

I.. I tell al your secrets
If I had some left to tellScarling - Make You Believe -
And my.. my feel for deseptions..
Because I know your lies so well..
but I have no one left to tell

Burn your trick!!
Make you believe in god!!
Make you believe in ghosts!!
Make you believe in me!!

Burn your strokes!!
Make you believe in god!!

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