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Sesame Street - Share lyrics

Cookie: Me got some something that you want
You got some something that me want
Put both somethings together and share

Ernie: I'll take my something that you like
You take your something that I like
Then put both things together and share

Both: One for all, all for one
Sharing every everything and having a ball

Ernie: Maybe one something is little
Maybe one something is bigger

Cookie: But hey! What else can me figure to do

Both: But to share my every somethings with you

Both: All for one, one for all
Sharing every everything and having a ball

Cookie: Me got more something than you got
You got more something that me got
Sesame Street - Share -
Both: So what? We're sharing them all equally

Cookie: Because the best thing we got to share

Ernie: The best thing we got to share

Both: Yeah, the best thing we got to share's you and me

Ernie: You and me

Cookie: You and me

Ernie: Me and you

Cookie: Both of us

Ernie: Ernie and Cookie Monster

Cookie: Cookie Monster and Ernie and Cookie Monster

Ernie: And Ernie too

Cookie: Oh, me love this song

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