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Shirley Caesar - Come To The Altar lyrics

Come to the altar, yes to the altar
You're never too high to kneel
Don't look around, search yourself through
There's something at the altar for you

Oh the Saviour is waiting He's waiting for you to come
He's willing to receive you unfinished and undone
So come on down to the altar
Kneel down and pray
God will forgive you if just trust and obey
Shirley Caesar - Come To The Altar -
There are no problems, too great, or too small, for the Lord to solve
He can fix them all
Trust and obey let the Lord make a way
He will cleanse your life from all your misery and strife

There's love, love at the altar
There's Peace, Peace at the altar

There's Salvation, Salvation at the altar

There's Deliverance, Deliverance at the altar

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