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Shyheim - Bury Judas lyrics

This lil buster man Game rhymes like po
So rhyme like go
I rhyme like, I be climbin out that roads
The 9 I let it blow, put 5 up in your clothes
Head shots leave you snuf,
But climbin through your door
This is blaspemy heh?
Your career penned after me
I got shooters out in Cali that?ll blast for meShyheim - Bury Judas -
You forgot about your chest,
Where your back should be
Tight squeeze or rabit speed
I'm paris I?m at the plaza, blood ask for me
Ungrateful bastard, say your grace aftermail
Bow down, pay homage and ask to breathe
Or shine tell Moses hop inside motors
Thinkin this is showbiz
Put you with the blowfish
Hand on the toasters, Lamborghini ro

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