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Silent Sanctuary - Thou Blessed Be By Night lyrics

Silent thou wandered
the forest that night
Stalked through the shadows,
not a sound or sight
The fullmoon was calling,
thou could not sleep
Nor find peace in thy grave,
thy keep

Flickering shadows embraced thee that
Embraced thee in darkness,
caressed thee with might
Thy hunger was pain,
thy pain was lust
Ashes to ashes,dust to dustSilent Sanctuary - Thou Blessed Be By Night -

"....My angel nocturnal
Thou blessed be by night
Shadows enthrones thee eternal
Whit darkened glory and might..."

Thy touch me enchanted
My soul thee enseamed
Everything that thee granted
Forgotten sins thus gleamed

Thy lust shrouded in darkness lies
Covered with painful delight
Hear my anguish,as prayer dies
Lost as treasures,pearls of night

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