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  • serj tankian
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Snot - Starlit Eyes lyrics

Starlit Eyes
(Lyrics: Serj of System of a Down)

Pushing the law again
Pushing the law again

Justice with a sword
Our smiling knight on board
Opening his heart to everyone
And loving without a doubt
Embracing friends and
Embarrasing foes,
And those who are unjust.
A man true to his heart
without fear or misgivingsSnot - Starlit Eyes -
With "insecurity" tattooed across his body
The first to accept, the last to dissapoint
He understood all and expected nothing

Now you are free
Free to roam the skies
Now and then visit me
With your starlit eyes

You took all our hearts
With your smile,
And left a legacy untold
You conquered life and fear,
So you see there was no room for you to grow old

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