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S.O.D. - Charlie Don't Cheat lyrics

It's time to hear what's really fast
to hear the first to do the blast
so many try but can't keep up
they're just too slow to make the cut
it's padding the beat you play
we'll see you later, flam away
in death or grind or speed or thrash
you certainly will come in last
take a chance, you step right upS.O.D. - Charlie Don't Cheat - http://motolyrics.com/sod/charlie-dont-cheat-lyrics.html
he leaves you choking in the dust
with bmp's right off the scale
intrinsic timing as he wails
into the groove that's called the blast
he'll knock your socks right up your ass
so be a man and use your wrist
don't chicken out you little bitch
charlie don't cheat.
S.o.d Charlie Don't Cheat

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