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Stuart Townend - My Soul Will Sing lyrics

My soul will sing with all the strength I have in me
I will rejoice with every day He gives
I will recall the wonders He has shown to me
His power to heal His mercy to forgive
We join with angels
To sing His praises;
He does not treat us as our sins deserve
High as the heavens reach above the earth
Is Your unfailing love is Your unfailing love
Far as the east is banished from the west
You took our sins from us removed our sins from us
How wide how high
Is Your unfailing love
Our King delights to show compassion to the weakStuart Townend - My Soul Will Sing -
Their deepest needs He loves to satisfy
Throughout the earth His justice and His mercy speak
And He will run to meet the victim's cry
From everlasting
To everlasting
Our youth renewed with every step we take
Though we are dust a moment in eternity
As flowers bloom today and then are gone
He crowns our lives with beauty and with dignity
His patience smiles on all who turn to Him
From generation
To generation
We'll tell the story of His faithfulness

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