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Suzanna Lubrano - Fiesta lyrics

(Bhudda Monk)
Zouk Music all night long baby,
I got a surprise for you,
It ain’t over till it’s over.

Oh it’s Suzanna with few friends with rude benz,
Red carpet VIP stardom, step up in the club zouk music it up,
Left that thing called stress home it’s ladies night yup,
What you looking at set up a tab keep them drinks coming,
Find out what she’s about and why she came clubbin’,
Grab her hand ask her to dance, that’s the plan it ain’t even 12 yet
And you can’t hang with them come on.

(Suzanna) Now you can party all night if you want to
(Bhudda Monk) A night of just dancin’ mommy sweat then drinks
Mommy having fun new friends, Hating for the night to end
If right then tell me come on
(Suzanna) Somebody in this party if you really wanna groove
We gonna dance all night baby make a Fiesta,Suzanna Lubrano - Fiesta -
I’m willing if you with it make this last forever.

Oh …. Get it poppin’ like this, get my girls in the club, VIP on the list.
So boys are you ready to trick,
Get my girls on the dance floor are you ready for this,
Now everybody on the dance floor, shake it,
Everybody all across the floor, shake it(
Get it droppin’ in here like you want, we are having fun….(
Drinks up, stress gone, girls night on the town.

(Chorus 2X)

(Suzanna) Shake it…(
(Buddha Monk)(Drinks up lights down ladies night out,
Show what the Zouk music about, baby wild the hell out.
We go on and on … We won’t stop till the break of dawn.

(Chorus 2X)
(Suzanna) All night baby, Fiesta, pretty baby, forever…

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