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Sygnature - Wherever You Go lyrics

Sygnature---Wherever You Go
From The Best Man OST

Oh, no, no
I was looking for love
And I couldnt find it because
You were staring me in my eyes
But I didnt realize
Just what you knew all the time
I was yours, and you were mine
And now I finally see the signs
Im all yours, baby be mine

1 - Wherever you go
I will follow
Whenever you cry
Ill dry your eyes
Wherever you go
I will follow
I will always be
Right by your side
Sygnature - Wherever You Go -
It doesnt even matter
How long it takes
True love will stand the test of time
No matter how many mistakes we make
Cupid knew just who to shoot
When he pointed his arrow at me and you
I just want to let it be known
I l-o-v-e you, today, today, today, today

Repeat 1

Hmm just put your heart in mine
(L-o-v-e you)
And baby take your time
(L-o-v-e you)
I wanna spend my life
(L-o-v-e you)
I want you for my wife

Repeat 1 till end

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