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  • Davison
  • Peter Jonnathan / Ellis
  • Melvin Leroy / Davison
  • Michael / Warren
  • Keith
  • Punk
  • adicts get adicted
  • punk rock
  • skinhead tunes
  • street punk
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The Adicts - Get Adicted lyrics

Nobody gonna kick us out
We are here to stay
Bang your head against the wall
We won't go away

Get adicted in '79
Get adicted while you've still got time
Get adicted in '79
Get adicted

We won't cause a revolution
We just wanna tell
This is 1979
We're gonna give it hell

[1979 version:]
Nobody gonna kick us outThe Adicts - Get Adicted -
we are here to stay
bang your head against the wall
we wont go away

get adicted cause it aint no crime
get adicted while we still got time
get adicted get outta line
get ada ada ada ada adicted

we wont cause a revolution
we just wanna tell
this is... [fart noise]
we're ganna give'm hell

[First verse]
[Chorus 2x]

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