The Adicts

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  • Morris
  • Stephen Paul David/hook
  • Peter/sumner
  • Bernard (gb 2)/gilbert
  • Gillian Lesley
  • 70s
  • Punk
  • british
  • cacophony
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The Adicts - Hurt lyrics

The girl that I love
Doesn't love me too
I'm singing oh I'm hurt
Drown my sorrows in a bar
A man came from the dark and hit me
Oh, I'm hurt
Everything's wrong, everything's bad
Everything happens to me
Everything's downThe Adicts - Hurt -
since I came to this town
I used to be so happy
Home wasn't far
but someone stole my car
I'm singing oh I'm hurt
By now I was getting bugged
And soon I was getting mugged
Singing oh I'm hurt

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