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  • Glover
  • Ben/havens
  • Joshua/fuqua
  • Matt/wiggers
  • Brad
  • Rock
  • alternative rock
  • christian rock
  • piano
  • uplifting
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The Afters - Keeping Me Alive lyrics

It's like I never lived
Before my life with you
So much was missing here
I never even knew
I still picture the place we were
When I fell into your world

My heart is in you
Where you go you carry me
I bleed
If you bleed
Your heart beats
Inside of me
You're keeping me alive
The Afters - Keeping Me Alive -
I don't know why feel this way
But something's right
You're like the morning air
Before the light arrives
No more lonely and
No more night
No more secrets to hide


I'll hold you near
Together, we'll never die
Your love is keeping me alive


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