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The Isaacs
The Isaacs - Heroes album
  • Gus Arnheim
  • Harry Tobias
  • Jules Lemare
  • bluegrass
  • christian
  • christian rock
  • praise and worship
  • southern gospel
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The Isaacs - Sweet Holy Spirit lyrics

The Bible it tells us in God's word so true
The sweet Holy Spirit is promised to you
It sat upon Jesus in the form of a dove
When John was baptizing God's Dearly Beloved

Sweet Holy Spirit I'm down on my knees
I am low in the valley, I am so weak you see
I know I can make it for I trust in thee
The sweet Holy Spirit is falling on meThe Isaacs - Sweet Holy Spirit -

Sweet Holy Spirit, Oh how I love thee
For being a comfort so many times
And for strengthening me
For I could not make it across life's troubled sea
If the sweet Holy Spirit should ever leave me


So sweet Holy Spirit, don't ever leave me

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