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The Isaacs - Healin' Stream lyrics

There's a healin' stream, that's flowin' down
From a higher place above
It's a healin' stream
Where heartaches drown
It's a healin' stream of love


So if your heart (if your heart's)
been broken in two (been broke in two)
And you need a new (need a new)
heart from above(heart from above)
Dear friend all (dear friend all)
I can say to you (I say to you) The Isaacs - Healin' Stream -
Is just wade right out
In the middle of the healing stream of love

Well I've been to the stream
That's flowin' down
So I know what I'm speakin' of
It was in that stream
That my heartaches drown
In that healing stream of love


Wade right out out in a healin' stream of love, love, love

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