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The Lillingtons - Alien Girl lyrics


One more time with
I stood in a field I looked to the sky
I saw a strange object up flying so high
It circled around so lively and quickly
I knew in a moment that
It must be sent St. Nick

But to my surprise I saw two big eyes
As black as the night she was a sight
She was the prettiest girl that
I've ever seen
She had a big head and her skin was bright Green I fell in love with an alien girl
And she never cheated on meThe Lillingtons - Alien Girl -

Said she'd be mine till the end of time
Then she went and left me behind
The government came and gave me a hard Time
Said hiding a martian was federal crime
What can I do
Where could she go
Where could she hide
I'll always know
She said in her voice she made up her choice
She'd go back to Mars you know
I'm caught behind bars I sit in my cell
I look to the sky I think about her and
I start to cry
I fell in love...... I fell love.....

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