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  • Haynie
  • Emile / Abels
  • Zachary / Freedman
  • Jeremy Nikolas / Margott
  • Michael Blake / Rutherford
  • Jesse J. / Sammis
  • Bryan James
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The Neighbourhood - How lyrics

How could you question God's existence
when you question God himself?
Why would you ask for God's assistance
if you wouldn't take the help? If you're gone, then I need you
If you're gone, then how is any of this real?
When I'm on, I believe you
When I'm not, my knees don't even seem to feel How could you tell me that I'm great
When they chew me up, spit me out, pissed on me?
Why would you tell me that it's fateThe Neighbourhood - How -
When they laughed at me, every day, in my face? They say the end is coming sooner
But the end's already here
I said today is but a rumor
That we'll laugh at in a year
Or two, or three, or four, or five, whatever How?
How could you tell me that I'm great?
How could you tell me that it's fate?

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