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The Queers - Houston We Have A Problem lyrics

Better get the Xanax cause I think I'm in a panic
And my brain is really getting fried
The kids are getting dumber and it's really not a stunner
Cause the evidence supports my find

I mention German Measles cause my buddy's name is Weasel
And the only word I found to rhyme
Lately I've been thinking that this ain't my line of business
And I'm just about to lose my mind

I gotta tell you that the level of discourse
Was pretty bad to start with and it's getting worse
Par for the course

Houston we have a problemThe Queers - Houston We Have A Problem -
And we're running out of time
Houston we have a problem
The kids are all out of their minds [2x]

I wanna tend my garden while my girlfriend wears Eve Arden
And she bitches that we got no dough
Phillip's drinking whiskey with a stripper he got frisky
Picked her up and fell and broke his toe

My nerves are really shot and I've become unmanned
And now I see I'm going pale beneath my tan
Where's my Ativan?


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