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The Queers - I Wanna Be Happy lyrics

I wanna be happy; I don't wanna be sad.
I wanna be a good boy; I don't wanna be bad.
I wanna be happy.
Yeah, I wanna be happy so bad.

I wanna be happy; yeah, I really do.
But everybody's saying I'm no good for you.
They know that I'm a cretin, and I know it's true.
But I don't care.

I wanna see you at Kenmore Square, yeah,
And on the Bowery, too.
And in Toranto on Queen Street,The Queers - I Wanna Be Happy -
Or on Belmont Avenue.

'Cause I don't wanna be alone and sad no more,
And I've been through this before.
Can't you understand this much is true?
I wanna be happy with you.
It's all I wanna do.
I wanna be happy with you.

Riding the surf in Doheny, baby.
Walking on Mission Street, too.
Cruisin' down el Cajon Boulevard
And at First Avenue.

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