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Tim Minchin - Angry lyrics

I don't think... I think I repress a lot of stuff
Like, not just my anxiety and stuff
But my anger and things... Like...
I- I'm really non-confrontational
So I tend not to tell people when I'm feeling cross
With them and whatever, and I think surely... I suffer
Because I don't wanna... hurt other peoples feelings or

I went and saw a psychologist recently and talked to
Him about this, and he agreed that I need to find a way
To express myself more... you know, when I feel angry
With people.

So what he said I should do was write my feelings down.
That way... expressing myself without confrontation.

So I've done that, I've written some of my feelings
Down in a poem. I think it might help if I could do it
For you guys.

The poem is called Angry... or, or or... in brackets

Bit nervous...

Sometimes... Sometimes I get a bit angry,
But you couldn't tell.
No you couldn't tell,
Unless you looked real closely.

Sometimes I get a big angry.
But it's alright,
Yes it's alright,
Because I keep it out of sight.
Deep inside.

I breast-fed until I was 9.
Which my... QUACK... Doctor, says is fine.
And he also thinks I'd deal with anger better
If I wrote about myself in a poem or a letter.

My mother was a... REAL FUCKING BITCH... caring lady.
She taught me all I know.
Although I was a little slow,
She never gave up,
She never let me... SLAP... down.
Although she spent a lot of time
At the neighbours house when my dad was out of town.

I didn't walk 'til I was 7,
Or talk 'til I was 10.
But neither did Napolean,
According to my... QUACK FUCKING... doctor.
Who has certificates in frames
To substantiate his... DODGY FUCKING... claims.Tim Minchin - Angry - http://motolyrics.com/tim-minchin/angry-lyrics.html

My father left my mother,

For the love of a... POONTANG... nother.
And I have a... BASTARD... brother
Who I've never really known.
Because m'dad moved out to colac

In primary school I had trouble making... ASHTRAYS...
An issue which has become somewhat of a trend.
The origin of which I cannot pretend
Has not perplexed me.
Although my... QUACK, FUCKING... doctor says it's cool
And that loads of... FAT FREAKS... FUCK YOU!... kids at
Have problems with communication.
And that a course of medication
Would be wise,
And combined with more honest self-expression,
Could help me with my issues with emotional repression.
And at 90 bucks a session,
I think I'll take the... THIEVING, QUACK, BASTARD...
Lovely chaps advice.

So I quite like... PORN... Photography.
And books on... GUNS... History.
And I'd like to be a... POLITICIAN... vet.
And I feel as I get older,
I'm more in control of my violent tendencies
And when I die... KILL... die
I'll have no regrets

And I feel that all this writing is really... POOFY...
And my... QUACK, DOC, QUACK, FUCKING... Doctor would be
Because I feel a lot less angry,
And I'm saying stuff out loud,
And I'm letting anger out.

Like today in our last session;
When I taught the... QUACK... cunt a lesson.
'Cuz he said I'm not progessing,
Said I wasn't moving forward.
So I said, "well let's see how you move without your
Fucking legs."

And I tied him to his chair,
And I pulled out my machete.
And I listened to him beg,
And then I cut his fucking feet off.
And while he lay there bleeding,
I used his feet...
To kick him in the head.

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