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William Mcdowell - Spoken lyrics

There is a sound rising up
From the heart of His people
A prideful, a move of God
The earth has been waiting for manifestations
Revealing the sons of God
Now is the time for His people
To rise and declare every chain has been broken
Salvation is here

(Chorus: x2)
Nothing happens until something is spoken
Speak a word, every chain will be broken



(Bridge:)William Mcdowell - Spoken - http://motolyrics.com/william-mcdowell/spoken-lyrics.html
The things bound on earth
Are bound in the heavens
Everything loosed on earth
Is loosed in the heavens
But we open our mouths
And we speak what He says
Things will change... they must change!
So we declare...

Freedom (freedom)
Salvation (salvation)
Healing (healing)
Deliverance (deliverance)
To every nation and all of creation

(Ending: x3)
To every nation and all of creation

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