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Ximena Sarinana - Bid lyrics

Oooh, aaahh
Aaaah, Aaaah oh

We're on the right road.
Stakes getting higher
Bled out from trying
To keep it together

The look that befalls us
Has bent over slightly
More than what you were
Willing to give me

The bid, can never
get so high

I don't think you notice me, notice me
Don't know who I really am, don't know who I am
Maybe if you lost me, maybe if you lost me
You would see, you would see

Maybe you're over
This hyper emissionXimena Sarinana - Bid - http://motolyrics.com/ximena-sarinana/bid-lyrics.html

Takes more than you to
create an opinion

I'm too proud to understand
Experiences, messages
The few things in real life
Prove to be ageless
The bid can never get so high



Oooh, aaaah

You would see..

OOoh, Aaah

You would see..

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