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Driving down the open road know where I'm going but I really don't know how to get there feels the same between you and me know that I want you but I really don't know how to get there though I've been lost a while if I reached out would you pull me to you

Cause all I really want is to get to where you are
Can you help me make it happen
Forget about the times I was lost and seemed so far
I'll have more with you than I ever had then
I thought I had it all but all is you
Alan Ritchson - Foolish Me -
Got my bags packed with all my dreams sad thing is I'm walking in the wrong direction you used to beg me to turn around but all my pride kept me moving in the wrong direction I've been foolish for so long now I'm begging lead me back to you


I can't say I'd do the same myself if I were in your shoes I know I left you bruised
but see for yourself that the old me is old news


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