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Avalon - Oxygen album
  • Jess Clayton Cates
  • Michael Brooks Linney
  • Emo
  • Pop
  • christian
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Avalon - Make It Last Forever lyrics

Make It Last Forever

Can you feel it
/ It's like a thunder
/ Something moving like an echo
through your heart
/ Do you hear it
/ A voice is calling out of nowhere
through the noise to where you are
/ You can't ignore it
/ You're created for it

Do you wanna fly
/ There's a higher higher
/ Just this side of Heaven
/ Brings you to your kneesAvalon - Make It Last Forever - http://motolyrics.com/avalon/make-it-last-forever-lyrics.html
/ Brings you back to life
/ You can make it last forever

It's like adrenaline
/ Rushing through you
/ It can make your heart beat jump right off the chart
/ Like a fire
/ It consumes you
/ And in a second it can saturate the dark
/ You're in the moment/ Before you even know it//

You can search the world forever
/ But you'll never find love better
/ No you'll never, ever, never
/ Bigger than the universe//

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