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Bob Carlisle - I Will Shelter You lyrics

Verse 1:
I'm in your corner,
Don't worry 'bout a thing
And if you should ever need
Some comforting
I'm as close as the air you breathe,
I'll be the faith you need to blieve.

Put your head on my shoulder
And rest a little while,
'cause I'm here to hold you
When your world turns wild.
That's just what love should do
When times are tough,
I will pull you through.

When the hurricane blows
Against your heart Bob Carlisle - I Will Shelter You -
And the sky's on fire,
And you don't know where you are,
When you've done all you can do,
And there's no one else to turn to
I will shelter you.

Verse 2:
It doesn't matter
What tomorrow brings
'cause baby together,
We can weather anything.
When you can't seem to
Find your way,
I will push back the storm,
I will stop the rain.

No matter where you are
I will guide your heart.

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