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Brandtson - Breaking Ground lyrics

forfeit the game or play to win

I made my bed and now I'm sleeping in

I woke up late to find you gone

hope I wasn't wrong

I think you caught me thinking out loud

would I be crazy if I burned my own house down?

then I could rebuild to my liking

close cover before striking


I'm breaking ground for the new me

breaking down every time I think about it

breaking ground for the new me

getting up from these past catastrophes

I'm always using wordsBrandtson - Breaking Ground -

like maybe and someday

maybe someday I'll learn

that tomorrow's always a day away

I always knew it'd feel just like this

but I can't say that I was ready for it

out of state, out of mind

at least I can pretend I'm fine

could this cup of coffee

really keep me company

for another

winter alone?


Brandtson Breaking Ground

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