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Brandtson - Fighting Gravity lyrics

I talk to you all the time

the world thinks I'm

crazy as crazy is

and I don't feel much different

fluorescent lights hum

their incessant anthem

everything that I believe

and everything that holds me

together at the seams

seems so far away from here

and we're all wandering

where we going?


and I wish that my colors weren't so

faded, faded

and I wish that I didn't feel so cold

and everyone's so slow and

jaded, jaded

falling asleep to this midwestern drone
Brandtson - Fighting Gravity -
feel like rnuning every day

away from this life that I've made

built to last a little too long

feeling trapped under my own weight

too heavy now to stand

let alone fly

and I'm always watching the sky

with jealous eyes

wish I'd finally fall apart

do something desperate to change a thing

changed my mind again

just when I was getting brave

somewhere over this city

high above the red brick chimneys

I know we can escape all this

it feels like fighting gravity

where we going?


Brandtson Fighting Gravity

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