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Burnt by the Sun - Patient 957 lyrics

Numbed to the bone. Shaken down.
Can you feel the thickness of 24-hour days
can you feel the world and your blood escalate
can you feel your body from the neck up?
You sink. These desperate needs call more extreme means.
In a world of disease there are products to appease.
Resolution won't come back when the numbness fades.Burnt by the Sun - Patient 957 - http://motolyrics.com/burnt-by-the-sun/patient-957-lyrics.html
Now more than ever. You never have to question the cure.
Our mark of civilization ends and begins with a price tag on everything.
See the ads. All the good health you could have.
Perfect life. Co-payed slave.
Diagnosed and baited the same day.
All hail this progress. It's all for sale. All hail.

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