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Burnt by the Sun - Spinner Dunn lyrics

What made you think that we know?
If truth is a virus we're healthier than we know.
Shaken. Taken. Hardly mistaken. Withheld. Purpose.
No clue of this life. Cultured and nutured with selection.
We are students of fictional history.
Fed an incomplete formula. Perfect for ignorant mass efficiency.
(Making less of you and me) Fed diets lacking truth.
Truth lacking relevance. All context put on hold. Fed diets lacking truth.Burnt by the Sun - Spinner Dunn - http://motolyrics.com/burnt-by-the-sun/spinner-dunn-lyrics.html
But I want it back with no looking back. So tell the truth and run.
I'll take it in, like a shot of gas burned into my brain like the sun.
No compromise.
Not even at this stage in the game.
What you perceive to be locks and chains I call the only way.
This is our humble testament to all that we don't know.
We may not know where we are but we know where not to go.

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