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Christy Nockels - My Master lyrics

The day You heard my plea,
You looked right through me
You saw the pit I was in
And You came and pulled me out...

You set my feet upon a rock
And put a new song in my mouth
Then You called me Your own
And I'm never turning back

I love my Master, I will not go free...
I take Your name and live in liberty
My life is Yours forever
I'll serve You faithfully
I love my Master, I will not go free...

You're a love I've never knownChristy Nockels - My Master -
And Your faithfulness has shown
No matter what I'm about
You always find me out

And You lovingly remain
Age to age the same
And for all of my days
I will tell of Your ways..Your mighty ways...

Covenant Keeper
You are, You are
Merciful, Kindness
You are, You are
Passionate Father
You are, You are
Lifeblood redeemer
You are...

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