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Delirious? - Deeper album
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Delirious? - I'm Not Ashamed lyrics

I'm Not Ashamed

There was a time as a little boy
When I said I'd follow you
But the years have caused the flame
To burn much stronger now
And I'm not burning down any of my bridges
But I'm burning up inside
To flee from my religion and love my
neighbour more

I'm not ashamed of the gospel
I'm not ashamed of the one I love
I'm not ashamed of the gospel
I'm not ashamed of the one I love

There were times in my barreness
When I felt your pure affection
And you heard my frail petitionsDelirious? - I'm Not Ashamed -
To serve you endlessly
But have I loved the tree they put you on?
Or my friend who met me at the cross?
Oh I want to sing again for my brother
And find my way down this mountain

I'm not ashamed anymore
cos I've felt the oil pour down over me
And there's a fire that's burning stronger now
It's burning stronger much stronger
For you only for you

Written by Martin Smith 1995 Curious? Music UK

Taken From:

Cutting Edge 3

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