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  • Joseph Subbiondo
  • Thomas Pka Soda Gardocki
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Fiddler's Green - Home lyrics

I can almost taste the water and the salt in my mouth
Though I'm sitting in a place so far away
There's a lonely road meandering a valley of green
And it takes me to the place down by the Sea

I close my eyes I spread my soul, I fly with the wind
High above the coast of Dingle Bay
And the waves are dancing to the tune they know oh so
The tide is coming back and so am I

Where I wanna be
It's a place for me
Where I'm not alone
Take my hand we're going home
Where I wanna beFiddler's Green - Home -

It's a place for me
Where I'm not alone
Take my hand

I can almost grab the answers cause they're dancing
With the waves
They don't mean a thing, not any more
And the rain begins to sparkle as the sun is coming out
The foam begins to shine down on the shore
I can clearly see myself when I look into your eyes
I'm inside of you, I live there oh so free
My home's not just a place, oh no, my home has got a
The tide is coming home and so are we

We're going home

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