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Gordon Goodwin - Untitled lyrics

So I say hello to you and the world stops for me, and you
And I don't know how to act
It's to good to be, it's to good to be true

And then you grab my arm while I hold your hand
I pray that this won't stop
Can I stop this time, can I hold the hands on the clock?
And now my heart is racing, my head is spinning
My life feels so complete
You're the one that I want, you're the one that I need
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So you say this town is not the best
So let's move towards to west, to California
I'm right behind you darling!
You've got the sand and the waves and those sunny days
You've got the sunset to rest across the bay
I'm right behind you darling!

So I say goodbye to you
You say you'll miss me, I'll miss you too
And I won't be gone for long I'll see you, I'll see you soon

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