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HeyHiHello! - Together Till the End lyrics

Just between you and me
I am an optimist with a frightening disease
and there's no reasoning behind its increase
I am finding out the cure is nowhere to be found
Just between me and you
we couldn't admit to ourselves what was the truth
that I was a skeptic and you needed the proof
that things were falling down
we'll wait it out till it hits the ground

You know, it's OK to be scaredHeyHiHello! - Together Till the End - http://motolyrics.com/heyhihello/together-till-the-end-lyrics.html
of everything that's looming out there
If you need me, I'll be your friend
We'll be together till the end

Just between you and me
we were no accident, you know I believe
that there are things inside of us we can't see
maybe we're finding out the cure is right inside of our lungs
Might I add, I can't subtract the fact our hearts hurt this bad
there are no better words to say just how sad
These things we're finding out have got to be sung

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