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Iyeoka - Say Yes album
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Iyeoka - Testify lyrics

Testify you will
Here, on the dance floor
When the DJ plays your favorite song
This is when we lose it

Get down, get down like a gryphon in wonderland
Just as you crave the tempo of this song
Just as your body spells trouble in the disco

Serenade your soul
Spin the music through the door
Sink in the spirits of harmonyIyeoka - Testify - http://motolyrics.com/iyeoka/testify-lyrics.html
Becoming one with the sun behind the beat

Tonight you will drink and dream of love
You will throw down your cupid arrows
Hypnotized you feel your body in the middle of the dance floor

You're dancing day and night
You recognize this feeling
You're taking back, you're taking back you're freedom

Do you know where your body goes when you lose control?
Get down... Let the groove take over

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