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J. Moss - Rebuild lyrics

J Moss
Lord rebuild me(2x)
For I've taken what You've made & thrown it's value away
Oh Lord, won't You rebuild me

Spoken: Give Me One More Chance

J Moss & Background
Lord rebuild me(2x)
For we've taken what You've made & thrown it's value away
Oh Lord, rebuild me

There's that piece of Love
There's that piece of Joy
There's that piece of Righteousness oh my soul make it whole again
There's that piece of Hope
There's that piece of Faith
There's that piece of Happiness oh my soul
God rebuild again J. Moss - Rebuild - http://motolyrics.com/j-moss/rebuild-lyrics.html
(Repeat All Background & J Moss & Background)
J Moss While Background Repeat Bless My Soul(13x)
Bless my soul
Please, won't You do it
I've lost some things
My heart is broken
Won't You fix me Jesus
Won't You fix me Lord
I can't do without Ya
Search me, Cleanse me, Wash me
I need, I need it
I won't let go til You bless my soul
Rebuild Again

J Moss
Fix Me Jesus
Put Me Back Together Again
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
At the fruit of my lips I'll always exert Your praise

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