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James Bonamy - Lost Someone lyrics

I lost someone, my love
Someone who's greater
Than the stars above
Someone who I need
Someone who don't
Let my heart bleed

Someone that's the one
That's the someone
That's the someone that I lost

Don't go to strangers
Come on home to me
I love you tomorrow
I love you today

Help me, help me
I'm so weak
Gee whiz, I love you
I'm so weak
I love you tomorrow
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I, I lost someone
A million to one
Ten thousand people
Under my false sun
Who need someone

Someone, the only one
That someone who needs someone
I need someone to care for
Care for, just that someone

I love you tomorrow
Like I love you today
I'm so weak, don't
Don't take my heart away

Come on, come on
Gee whiz, I love you
And don't go strangers
Come on home to me
Come on home to me

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