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James Bonamy - I Cried lyrics

Keep me in pain
Keep me in pain

I cried, I cried
For a heart full of misery
Oh, yes, I cried
And now it's your turn
To cry, to cry for me
Oh, help me now

So many days gone by
So many days gone by
All, all I could ever
Seems like yesterday
Was cry, sit right there

You keep me
Do you know it
You keep me in pain
Cause I cried over you

And I'll never, I'll never
Never love again
No, no, no, no...

I cried over you
Yes, I cried over you
But you know that
That I've always been true
True, tell me what I'm singingJames Bonamy - I Cried - http://motolyrics.com/james-bonamy/i-cried-lyrics.html
I'm singing

Yes, I am
Said listen to me
See where I'm coming from
Listen to my rap

Turn your record
Player down real low
Brother jockey
Turn yours down too

You know that
I'm only human
And if you see my
My little darling

Tell her, tell her
Don't make me over
No, no, no, no...

Any day now
Can you hear me now
Can you hear me now
You know what I'm saying

Don't make me over, please
When you got all the time
You need to try me
Don't make me over

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