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James Fortune & FIYA - Still Able lyrics

Many times in life we focus
On all we don't have
And it makes us worry
But today I want to remind you
Of the one that you do have
And let you know
That He is still able.
I've been hurt and abused
Even lied to by the ones I trusted most
I had some nights I cried more than I prayed
That's when God said to me
I am still in control.
It changed my prospective, and so.
Now the worry is over. Yes.
And the doubt is gone away.
God reminded me. He reminded me.
That he's still able,
God reminded me. That in spite of it all.
That he's still able.
Thank you lord.
There are some days.
I feel like giving up. And I wonder.
How could god love me and let me go through so much.
Anyone have asked that question?
I'm afraid to carry this hurt all alone.
Today more than ever.
I need your help lord,
With you I can move on, move on
Now the worry is over
And the doubt is gone away.
Cause you're not alone.
Now the worry is over,
And the doubt is gone away.
Lift your hands and say.
Now the worry is over.
Thank you Jesus.
And the doubt is gone.
God reminded me. You can't forget.
That he's still able.
I was about to give up.
God reminded me. He reminded me.
That he's still able.
But it's not easy because
Sometime it's seems,
There's no way out .
You're surrounded by problems.
So many problems weigh. They weigh you down.James Fortune & FIYA - Still Able - http://motolyrics.com/james-fortune-and-fiya/still-able-lyrics.html
You down. But he cares for you.
You got to know. My sister. He cares. My brother,
And he wouldn't. Leave you there.
Not for long. For long.
So right now I just need you to. .Be strong.
And remember that. God is able.
He's able. Able.
He hasn't changed. He's still able, able.
Seems like problems waiting in line just for you.
God is able. His able. Able.
You say I've never faced anything like this before.
He still able, able.
The odds are still in your favor because.
God is able. When you planned it your way. Able.
And it hasn't gotten better. Able.
Remember god is still. He is still able.
In the midst of your storm. Able.
In the midst of your struggle. Able.
It's good to know that.
God is able.
In the hospital. Able. in the court house. Able.
Even in your house, believe.
He's still able.
You can't give up. Able.
The story is not over. Able.
God will provide. God is.
What ever you need. Everything.
If they walk out on you. That you need.
If they never come back. Everything.
If they don't support you. That you need.
He sees your tears. Everything.
God knows your pains. That you need.
If you are sick in your body. Everything
His the god that heals. That you need.
If you lose your job. Everything.
And you can't pay your bills. That you need.
No food on the table. Everything.
I know he's able. That you need.
You can wipe your tears. Everything
Cause he's everything. That you need.
That you need.
And so now. That the worry is over,
I can weigh the doubt away
I was at my lowest point when god.
God reminded me, that he is still able.
I know I can make it because.
God reminded me. That he is still able. That he is still able.

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